Looking Forward To Our Future!

We are finally getting engaged! I can’t believe it! I am so happy that it went down so well. We have been together for over 5 years and I thought I was ready to propose to her and I was sure she was ready too because we know we love each other and we already can’t see ourselves with any other person so I though it is time I proposed to her. I bought her a lovely engagement ring. The ring as perfect, exactly the type of ring I was after.

Gold wedding ring

I remember searching for engagement rings in Birmingham and the hard time I had trying to find the perfect ring. I was after a more modern style of an engagement ring because they are more unique and in my opinion look a whole lot better. Luckily I did manage to find one at a great price too. The most important part of this all is that she loved it and we a also engaged as we speak. I am so happy to see what the future brings for us!

A Hot Tub In My Home

I remember last week I was searching for a hot tub for my  home. Right now you may be wondering why do you want a hot tub in your home? Aren’t hot tubs very expensive? Or I really want a hot tub too! If any of these queries interest or relate to you then you are looking in the right place because It is what I will be covering.

Luxury Hot Tub

You already know that I was searching for hot tubs but I know very well and I am sure most of you do too that hot tubs are very expensive and that they are a luxury more than a need, but I really did want one. I wanted a hot tub because I thought it would be a perfect way for me to relax after a long day and because they are amazing and I would love to have one in my home. I was looking for cheap hot tubs and I came across a company called Sutton Spas who provide all sorts of hot tubs with great prices too. I found one that I really liked and I eventually bought it! Now I have a hot tub in my home and I am really happy with it.

I Found The Place For Jewellery

I think I have found the best place to go to to find the best quality jewellery and the biggest variety fo jewellery in the Midlands. Are you wondering what this place is called and where it is? If so, perfect! This is exactly why I created this blog, to inform and guide others to find their perfect jewellery in the Midlands.

First of all, I have been to a lot of jewellers and I have also done a large amount of online searching for jewellery too but I have struggled to find jewellery that is different and close to me. Until I went to this one place.

The place that I went to was the jewellery quarter birmingham. The jewellery quarter is such a special place. It is a place that is sole purpose is to provide us with the finest jewellers and jewellery you can possibly find bringing along with it the ease of shopping around and comparing these many jewellers and allowing there to be a bigger variety of jewellery.

birmingham jewellery quarter

Fixing My Sink Blockage

I had to call an emergency plumber out because  I had a major blockage in my sink that couldn’t get rid of. I tried many different ways after researching online on how I can unblock my sink and none of them work this is when I knew I would have to look through some emergency plumbers who can come straight away because I need my sink fixed as soon as possible. I knew that some plumbers will charge a high call out fee especially those emergency plumbers but I was willing to pay because I didn’t want to wait any longer.


I didn’t have to wait too long and a guy was round my house already fixing the problem! I called a guy from CH Plumbing and Heating Services. The guy was very friendly and worked very efficiently. He had the problem fixed within an hour and had my sink up and running again in no time. I would definitely recommend these guys to you of you ever have a problem with your plumbing. Excellent service and attitude.

Best Addition To My Home

I recently purchased underfloor heating for my home and it is one of the best additions I have installed in my home. If you are wondering why it is the best addition to my home then I will tell you throughout this post.


Underfloor heating is simply amazing. There are so many good things about underfloor heating that has been my pleasure to receive from this heating system. With underfloor heating you immediately benefit form the luxury of warm flooring that leaves you feeling in ultimate comfort. Some of the main benefits that I noticed from underfloor heating is that the heating costs a lot less to run than a standard central heating system, you will have equal heat distribution, the heating system is out of the way and sight, there are no sharp corners or hot surfaces you can easily get in contact with, underfloor heating does not require maintenance and the best thing of all is that the heat profile is perfect for ultimate comfort levels. Underfloor heating spread it heat evenly form the ground up.

Are You In a Struggle To Find Your Next Car?

Have you ever been in that situation where you have struggled to find a car? Are you in that situation at the moment? If this is the situation you are in right now then I am here to help guide you. I know you are probably eager to start the search process but there are a few thing you should consider before searching. Do you know what you are looking for? in terms of spec, make, model, fuel type, seats almost anything that you can fin in a car. When you fully understand and have finalised what yo would like to include into your next car then you can start the searching process!

for sale car

Now that you know the car you want, you probably want ti find it now right? The internet is the best place to start your search for your car, there are many websites that can help locate the car you are after and tell you the price, distance, spec etc. Search engines are a great way to search for your car and it also good to find car dealers. You can search for example used cars Staffordshire to find a website of a car dealer near you.

Designer African Print

Before I start talking about my chosen topic here a bit about myself. I am 22, I live near the beach and I love to enjoy as much of the beach as I possibly can, I work as a fitness instructor and I love my job. Just because I love to spend most of my time on the beach is the reason why I need a lot of different types of swimwear. When I shop for swimwear I have to make sure it is designer mens swimwear, as I am a little bit fussy. I also believe that designer brands offer the best quality materials and design for the clothing.

african print

My favourite style of designer swimwear was something called african print. The print is very unique and portrays its culture with it. What I like the most about african print is that the print looks amazing and it is very distinctive, I like to stand out and wear bold colours. Every time I shop for my swimwear I have to look for african print!

Solid First Impression

When it comes to printing, having really high quality colourful prints matters, why? It is simple. It is instinctive of us to judge something within the first few seconds we see something wether we like it or not, these judgments can vary from positive or negative. When you are choosing a print for something like a poster or a sign, you should be looking for the colours of that poster to be vibrant and sharp so it can attract the viewers sight and interest, the last thing you would want is for it to look boring and unappealing. If you are worried about dull and interesting prints then I advise you avoid lower market printing companies.


If you are using the prints as a marketing strategy it is vital the print is at it’s finest quality  otherwise it may have a negative effect on you and your service. Do not fall for poor quality printing. Get your printing done by the leading Birmingham printers Big in Ink.

Keep Ourselves Warm For Less

The weather here in the UK is cold and heating is required on a regular basis in order to keep ourselves and our homes warm to a comfortable, liveable temperature. Heating is often very expensive to run and can leave us with empty pockets. There are many ways to save money on your heating bills but most of them are only short term solutions, I have a solution that will save you money continuously as a long term solution.


The number one long term solution to your heating costs is to have underfloor heating installed. An underfloor heating system is a great alternative to heat up your entire home equally whilst keeping your floors nice and warm. An electric underfloor heating system requires hardly any maintenance and doesn’t require a boiler to run, all it needs is a power supply. Apart from the main product and installation costs, this heating system will then continuously save you money, while you gain from the benefits of warm floors, equal heat distribution, low running costs and ultimate comfort.

Tennis Related Back Pains

I was in need of a chiropractor after having serious back pains from a tennis tournament. I am 32 years old and my all time favourite pass time is to play tennis. I have been into tennis since I was a child. My farther was a great tennis player and he taught me everything there was to know about tennis. I attend these tournaments whenever they are available because its more than a hobby now, it is a passion. Unfortunately I didn’t win the tournament but I did place pretty high and I had a great time playing is what really counts.

My back pains started to really be an issue because it stopped me from playing tennis. I went to visit my local GP he advised me to be visit a chiropractor because back issues can be very serious. I had a look at Birmingham Chiropractors  to try and find a chiropractor to treat my issue. The chiropractor I went to visit was very professional and I got a long with very well. My back pains are still present and are gradually getting better!

Birmingham City Centre is The Place to Shop

If you are looking for wedding rings in Birmingham you are looking in the right place. Birmingham has one of the largest city centre’s in the whole of UK with such a wide range of items available to buy at Birmingham city centre it’s no wonder why people from even across the world may come over to visit. There are an unbelievable amount of stores you can go to, you can literally find anything you could possibly ask for in just one place. The city centre has everything from clothes, groceries, convenience stores, jewellers, technology stores and many many more.


Theres also a place near the city centre called The Jewellery Quarter, clue is in the name, this place as some of the most finest jewellery to offer with absolutely every type of jewellery you could ask for and is probably the best place to find your wedding ring or any type of gold jewellery.

Summer Fashion

Summer is the time of year were everyone is out enjoying the gift of sunshine. Summer is also a time when people like to dress their best and really show off their unique individual style. If you are one of these people who love to express their creativity and style through your clothing then you may already know it is important to stand out. Have a style that is vibrant yet fashionable. If you are a male like me then you might like to wear designer shorts. If this is the case then I would advise you take a good look into mens designer swim trunks.

african print

I love designer swim trunks, mainly because they come in a better style, fitting, material and usually designs. My designer trunks have a very unique print on them, the print is called african print, The print is so unique and so eye catching. I love wearing them with a plain t shirt and black shades. For me this really catches the summer style.

How to save money on water

If you would like to save a lot of money on water bills and would like to help out the eco system then you may want to look into rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is a greta new way to collect water and re use it while being in the comfort of your own home. The best way to harvest rainwater is by having a system installed on your roof.

The way the this system works is by controlling the run off rainwater from your roof into drainage pipes that lead to a filtering system which then leads into a water tank that will store the collected water. The water then is ready to be used and is completely free! The only thing you will be paying for is the installation because rainwater is free.

Infographic Rainwater Harvesting


The water collecting through rainwater harvesting can be used for many thing such as, irrigation, watering your garden washing your car and anything else that relates to water.

My New Heating System

I had underfloor heating installed and it was on my best choices i’ve made.

If you aren’t sure what underfloor heating is the clue is in the name. Underfloor heating is a heating system that can be placed beneath your flooring that allows you to have warm floor as well as a warm flooring to walk on. Underfloor heating is a new way to heat up your entire room quickly and efficiently with very little fuss. There are many other benefits from having this system installed such as:

  • Equal heat distribution
  • The heating is hidden and out of the way
  • You can save up to 33%
  • It can be installed very easily
  • This heating system doesn’t require servicing
  • It’s safe there aren’t any sharp corners or hot surfaces you can get in contact with

Those are just a few key benefits from having underfloor heating installed. I had underfloor heating installed because I wasn’t getting enough out of my heating. With my old heating system I use to get a lot of cold spots and it was very costly.

Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is todays most popular jewellery but have you ever wondered what makes it so popular? if you have, then you are looking in the right place, if you never wondered why gold jewellery is so popular thats not a problem. what i am going to cover should be interesting to everyone.

Gold has been around for many thousands of years. Since the Egyptians gold has been a symbol of wealth and has always been a luxury metal. Gold is a metal that is un reactive and doesn’t tarnish. Gold is very malleable, a tiny piece of gold can be beaten into a around 30 times its size. Gold is naturally shiny and attractive it has an unusual colour for a metal, yellowish orange colour. Gold jewellery today is not only a symbol of wealth it is also made into jewellery that is worn as a fashion accessory.


Gold jewellery has been sold in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham for hundreds of years and is the heart of gold jewellery. The most popular jewellery you can find are wedding rings birmingham

Stretch Your Ears Safely

You can’t stretch your ears to the size you want straight away, stretching your ears is a long process and will be explained below


1. You must have a fully healed piercing before you can even start stretching

2. If your piercing is fully healed and you would like to stretch them I advise you buy a stainless steel Ear stretching kit.

3. A steel taper is a great way to start because it is easy to guide through your ear lobes and because it’s stainless steel it wont absorb bacteria, this will decrease the chance of infections should something go bad.

4. Never rush a stretch. The stretching process should never hurt, if you feel pain stop and wait until it stops hurting. It is always easier to stretch your ear lobes when they are warm.

5. You may use lubricant to ease your taper through but avoid oil lubricants

6. Now your taper should be fully in your ear lobe. From here you can either add the o rings on and let the ear lobe heal around the taper (not advised as it can heal deformed) or you can add the correct sized plug or tunnel into your lobe by using the taper as a guide.

7. It is completely normal for your ears to be inflamed or sore but they shouldn’t bleed

8. Congratulations you have now completed your stretch! just make sure you keep it clean!

Common Infestations: Black Garden Ant

The lasius niger, more commonly know as the black garden ant or black ant.  Is found all over Europe.


lasius niger

The most commonly sighted black garden ant is the worker phenotype, it is usually 3-5 mm long. Although it is known as a black ant and is also called a black ant it’s colour is very dark brown almost black.

  • Workers – Lasius niger worker will be a glossy black colour with a hint of dark brown. When the colony gets older and older it is known for the ants to increase in size over generations
  • Queen – The guess ant is also a glossy black colour but will have brown stripes on her abdomen which aren’t easily noticeable
  • Drones – Drones can only be produced by queen lasius niger’s and are formed when nuptial fights are approaching. They also are a glossy black colour and resemble the look of wasps. They are usually 5-7mm long and have delicate wings

These ants are one of the most common infestations in the garden and in our homes. Black garden ant will come into your home, they like to explore their surroundings trying to find food for the queen and her young. These ants can also burrow through brick. Make sure you are covered by calling a pest control company. If you are looking for pest control Birmingham, pest control Lichfield or pest control Walsall 

Does Your Land Need a Drainage System

Land drainage is very important if you own a large piece of land, especially if your land is used for farming. The reason why it is important because if you do not have a land drainage system your land will start to waterlog and this overtime will eventually start to kill off your lawn, harvest and the quality of the land. Waterlogging is a nightmare for farmers because it’s not only destroying their harvest, it’s destroying their profits.

underground drainage

This is an issue a lot of farmers overlook. One of the reasons why it may be overlooked is because when we have heavy rain we will always see puddles, puddles are formed when the water isn’t being absorbed into the ground. The mistake some people may make here is ignoring these puddles on your land, thinking it will just absorb into the ground, the fact is  the puddles disappear and will stay there until it is evaporated. This will cause any vegetation to drown and die. Water tanks are a great way to store excess water or even to store water to save money, and can be used with irrigation. You can find land drainage pipes at Cotterill Civils.

Jewellers in Leicester

I live in leicester and there are loads of different types of shops and cultural shops however there aren’t many fine jewellers apart from the common jewellers that sell pretty much the same type of jewellery wherever you go a similar prices. I was in need of fine jewellery, jewellery that is unique and special. Ideally, if it was customisable that would have been just perfect!

I did some web browsing and eventually I came across the best jewellers I have found yet, the jewellers offered such a wide variety of different jewellery collections and pieces, many of which were customisable to match your preferences and each piece is genuinely different from everything else. The jewellers are called Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery in Leicester. My partner was having a browse through their collections, their are many collection like pearls, diamonds and colours. She was interested in their blue collection because she has a blue outfit she wants to wear out to a dinner and dance we are both going to. Luckily for her we found these amazing jewellers who had a store near us.

Time is Change

Designer watches are the ultimate jewellery to wear when it comes to fashion. Watches have been worn for hundreds of years. The main use for watches were to be worn as a practical accessory to keep track on time, but as time goes on things change. Change is usually good, change in products quite often leads to improvement. Today watches have evolved to not only a practical accessory but a fashionable one too. Watches come in many different colours styles materials and sizes.

gucci watch

The most popular watches in todays society are watches for men. The most popular style of watches are usually gold, silver, and stainless steel. To find watches in those styles you will most likely have to look into designer watches. Designer watches are branded watches, brands offer their own unique styles and quality. Brands such as Gucci, like the picture above, have their own unique brand colours that are easily recognisable to anyone who wears designer clothing. If you live in the UK like me then and you are in need of jewellery UK then I would advise you to visit this website www.designcentrejewellery.com

Avoid Waterlogged Farms

When it comes to farming we all have a fair bit of knowledge on the conditions needed to harvest your farm and the and the best seasons to harvest and so on, but even experienced farmers may fall into troubles by over looking one key factor, which is, water. Water is a necessity for almost every living thing. Just like us our vegetation requires water to grow and stay alive, but too much water will cause your vegetation to die by not being able to absorb enough water and drowning.

underground drainage

Waterlogging on farms can cause this same effect and even some experienced farmers may overlook the damages waterlogging can do to your harvest. It is important you avoid this problem and  install a underground drainage system. This is ideal because it won’t be visible and the drainage system will also prevent your harvest from being destroyed by waterlogging. There are also other options you can choose from such as a land drainage system which works the same way just a little cheaper.

Great Ways to Relax

Relaxation is something our body needs and is what a lot of us can enjoy doing. There are many reasons why we may want to relax, it could be because you’ve had a hard tiring day or it could be one of your favourite pass times. Relaxation is great for our mind and body, it can help us stay healthy and revived. There are many ways you can relax. I will cover, in my opinion, a few of the best ways to relax.

 Get comfortable and take a break

Get comfy. Sit on your favourite chair, lay on your bed do whatever you feel that makes you comfortable. Put on the TV, watch a movie or play games. It’s just about feeling happy

Listen to music 

Music is a great way to relax, music is so powerful. Music can trigger different emotions depending on what you are listening to. Listen to whatever music you enjoy and take a break.

Have a long soak

Take a long soak in the bath, it is a good way to relax your muscles. A better way to relax yourself and your muscles is buy looking into hot tubs.  Hot tubs as you may now is a luxury so it can be expensive. You may want to look into purchasing cheap hot tubs.

Sewage Treatment The Facts

Sewage treatment is an ongoing process that benefits us and the environment.

What is sewage?

Sewage is basically just waste water than runs from our homes/properties into underground pipes which then lead to a sewage treatment plant.

What is a sewage treatment plant?

A sewage treatment plant is is a industrial building that collects sewage and breaks down sewage by removing any harmful bacteria and purifying the water so it is useable again.

Why is this process important?

It is important because around 90% of the water on this planet isn’t useable or drinkable without it being treated first. The sewage treatment will also prevent any diseases from spreading through the waste. It is also great for our eco system. Without this treatment we wouldn’t have clean water to drink.

How can I help the environment?

There are many ways you can help the environment but here are 2 things you can do:

A household sewage treatment has a similar process to the the main treatment plant except that the liquid that is created through this treatment isn’t useable however, it is perfectly legal to dispose into the sea without effecting the environment. A septic tank on the other hand, is a much cheaper option and this process is simple. What it does is collects sewage and breaks it down into a liquid that is then dripped in the ground beneath it.

Positives & Negatives: Underfloor Heating

When I mention underfloor heating do you may start to relate this luxury to celeb life and top class hotels and apartments. Having warm floors in the winter is just such a great feeling of comfort, just like a warm cup of your favourite drink on a cold morning.


  • It is an efficient way to heat up your entire room because of the even spread of the heat, while getting rid of the clutter of radiators.
  • Standard radiators only disperse heat in a controlled are and most of the heat goes straight up, whereas the underfloor heating will cover your entire flooring.
  • Radiators require a higher temperature to gain a similar result, making them less efficient.
  • The heating system works at lower temperatures and it is possible to instal it yourself.


  • One downside to under floor heating is the installation cost and installing it. It’s more suited for homes with housing work already in progress.
  • The heating system runs on low temperature, so it will take a little longer to get results.




Travel With Ease

Are you tired of walking long distances? Do you hate relying on public transport? Is it wasting your valuable time and energy? If the answer is yes, this post is targeted for you to help you understand how you can really benefit from learning how to drive.

Driving is almost a necessity in todays society, with the large amounts of people on the roads these days it isn’t uncommon for a person to be driving. Why are so many people driving you may ask? Well, the answer to that is simple. Cars are very reliable and a much quicker and effective way to travel to destinations because you are in control of when you drive it. While inside a car you are sheltered from the weather and can travel in comfort. Cars are also great for transporting people and items.

Cartoon Car

Are you interested in learning how to drive yet? If so, then you can take driving lessons in Birmingham with Dr L Test. I passed my driving with them and they are very professional and give great tips and feedback. They also cover driving lessons in Solihull too. If these areas aren’t local to you then I suggest you ask around and get feedback on driving instructors near you.

Dry Seasons, Be Prepared

If you own a farm or a large piece of land that requires watering you will realise that the watering the land can take up a lot resources and can be very costly, rain comes and goes and is a great natural resource that isn’t costly, however, rain is unpredictable and unreliable resource. Dry seasons can drastically reduce the quality of the land and the profits you will make.

A great solution to this problem is by purchasing a large water tank. The reason why I say a large water tank is because the more water you store the longer it will last and you get more value for your money. Water tanks can ranges from sizes like 240 litres to even a huge 24,000 litre tank. This is ideal for quick and easy access anytime you like and the tank can also be placed wherever you choose.


I am a farmer and I purchased a water tank for my farm due to the cost of water and water access wasn’t easy for me either. This tank was ideal for me and my needs and I strongly recommend water tanks to any farmer.

Upgrade to Underfloor Heating

There are many reasons why you should upgrade to underfloor heating. This post is just a guide to why underfloor heating is worth all the hassle of switching and how it will benefit you.

The benefits of underfloor heating

  • You will have warm floors to walk on
  • There will be an even distribution of heat
  • There wont be any need of radiators. Their removal will allow you to have more space to interior design with
  • The heating it completely out of site
  • You will save around 15-30% on heating bills
  • They are virtually maintenance free
  • They don’t require servicing
  • They will last the complete lifetime of the building it is installed in
  • It’s great for young children who play on the floor a lot
  • There isn’t any sharp corners or hot surfaced to be afraid of getting in contact with.

Those are some of the main reasons why underfloor heating is the worth the upgrade and could be the revolutionary new way to heat up your entire home

Making The Move

I have been interested in moving out towards the warm sunny seas of Spain. I  have been wanting to move for quite some time now, most of the time it was just a dream. Sun bathing on the warm soft sand with lovely drink besides me. Now I’ve decided to make this dream a reality. I’ve saved up enough money to move out and have also sorted out the agreements and all the important stuff.


One of the hardest part of this big move was learning spanish. I figured if I want to move to Spain I would need to learn the language, so I can communicate with the native folk. It took a lot of commitment and motivation to learn Spanish but I had my goal in mind and I was so focused on achieving this goal and didn’t stop until I learnt it. I found  a local tutor I took timeout of my free time to learn it, my tutor was great, very professional and always gave me great tips and trick on how I can adapt my learning style to his lessons. I am fluent in Spanish I can proudly say and I am so excited to say I will be moving very soon!

Benefit from Rainwater

Rain can be a real dampener on your mood, wether you wake up to rain or if it rains when you least expect it. Don’t let the rain bring you down, rain is a very valuable resource. It is a resource that the Earth and living thing inhabiting Earth requires to continue life. You should be happy it is raining and you should make use of this free resource by rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting is a great way for you to save money on your water bills. If you have a roof area that is collectable at one point without contamination of the surface and you would like to use the water for crop spraying, livestock or wash down areas then rainwater harvesting is perfect for you.

This diagram below shows how you can benefit from harvesting free rainwater

Infographic Rainwater Harvesting

As you can see from the diagram, you will still pay the same amount of money just for the installation for 3 months then you benefit by paying less by harvesting free water each month after installation, thus reducing your bill and saving you money!

The Weekly Review – Your Limo Hire

Welcome to our fantastic new blog, and what better way to get us started off then a service review of an online site called Your Limo Hire – who specialise in providing limousines, wedding, prestige and sports cars for a host of different occasions such as birthdays, prom’s and more!

After recently launching a new look website, which really helps to encapsulate the brilliance of this service – you can see immediately from start to finish that a lot of attention to detail has been put into making this service a successful one.

your limo hire


Starting out offering just limousine hire Birmingham, they have now expanded to offering services in other areas around the UK including Essex and London. They have seen a fantastic return of customers, and have gathered an ever-growing reputation for providing one of the best limousine chauffeur services, if not not the best in the country.

Although still a relatively new company, I have personally dealt with Your Limo Hire and can only give them the upmost praise for the quality of customer service I received from the moment the phone rang.

I was kept well informed of the fleet details, and making a booking for my specified time and date was effortless. They even went the extra mile and included a few perks which really made it a fantastic experience on the day. I can’t quite believe how good they were compared to other limousine hire companies we have used in the past. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family so check out their site today!